NumberMill was set up, specifically to meet the requirements of recruitment business’s for support with regard to financial, strategic and compliance affairs.This is a specialist area, that requires professionals who understand the commercial and compliance related challenges of this fast moving sector of work force management. Everyone in our business has been specifically selected as they are professional specialists with experience in recruitment and accountancy services.  In the early stages we identified through our compliance consultancy that many providers in the sector, who claimed they were compliant, were not. We identified lots of bogus claims with regard to HMRC approved schemes, accreditations, badges of approval, which frankly meant nothing other than a false sense of security.  We identified

  • Poor contractual documentation
  • Lack of expense claim checking
  • Minimum wage breaches
  • Failure to adhere to the 24 month rule
  • Unfair/hidden deductions

And the list goes on…

For this reason, we don’t trust anyone to meet our clients need compliantly, so to be sure, we set up our own compliant umbrella and accountancy services