Qualified experts equals peace of mind – Consultants First!

The world of recruitment can be challenging, with constantly changing employment, agency and HMRC related legislation. You need to be assured that your advisers are suitably qualified, and specialists in the sector. We believe, it is not good enough to have just undertaken a 2 week audit, or an easily bought membership of a trade body, just to get the badges, that are so often touted around.

Our business is run by specialists who have on average, seven years of professional training each,  and unusually have been both supplier and buyers of professional services in the recruitment sector, so they truly understand your recruitment business challenges. Let our consultants review your approach to compliance and where relevant review, your approved supplier lists and practices.  Let us undertake a detailed review and an audit, we will write you a report, complete with recommendations to help you gain peace of mind.

Compliance Assured

  1. Real Chartered Certified practicing accountants (ACCA, ACAEW)
  2. Management team combined experience of more than 35 years in the recruitment and outsourcing sectors
  3. Unique multi-relationships with both leading accountants and legal advisers
  4. Specifically developed and independently reviewed compliant contracts & documentation
  5. Using HMRC published bench scale rates for expenses
  6. Our compliance Consultancy – allows our  specialists to stand side by side with you, in front of your clients, helping to reassure them, and differentiating you from your competitors.

A formula for growth – Unique Financial Modelling & Analysis

Typical providers, in the sector,  do not have the skill or expertise to analyze your workforce profile, and as a result offer formulaic solutions.

More often than not, this results in huge missed commercial opportunities, which can restrict your competitive position.

Furthermore, our technical expertise allows us to compliantly keep up to date and agile, offering compliant “best advice” solutions, tailored to your specific needs.  If you allow us to get close to you, you will benefit like never before with any other provider.

  1. Exclusive to NumberMill, our in-house “decision scientists” will optimize and refine the commercial position for all parties in the agency contractor supply chain.
  1. Unlike any other provider, we combine traditional qualified expertise with sophisticated financial modelling to analyze your contractor workforce.
  1. Our analysis tool is so unique it is trade marked as “AC OAT” – Agency Contractor Optimizing Analysis Tool.”

Division of Labour – Technology Driven

Using unique technology and expertise to optimize a robust seamless end to end solution crossing the usual client supplier boundaries.

  1. Fully Integrated systems including HMRC RTI (Real Time Information)
  2. State of the art contractor and agency portals & Expense Apps
  3. Automated compliance checks e.g. National Minimum Wage, 24 month rule
  4. Secure cloud based disaster recovery.

Added Value – Industry experienced service delivery

Unusually, all our team have been selected from the sector. This gives us a distinct advantage in that we understand the challenges that you, your clients and contractors face.

AWR, holiday pay and pensions are just “bread and butter to us”.  Because we have worked as both buyers and sellers in the market, we have unique insights that differentiate us. These insights further optimize your commercial position, safeguard you and enable efficient integration.