NumberMill introduce their new service to PROTECT agencies from IR35 liability

Agencies are well aware of the deluge of legislation that has been introduced over recent years affecting the payment of contractors. These legislative changes have been an attempt by HM Revenue & Customs to raise standards in the sector. Unfortunately in April 2017 there is more to come. PROTECT has been developed to shield agencies, end hirers and contractors from HMRC related liability

NumberMill’s PROTECT works well in both the public and private sectors so why not PROTECT all areas of your contracting business?

How are NumberMill able to PROTECT? NumberMill are a firm of genuine ACCA and IPSE IR35 Qualified Practicing Accountants. NumberMill bases its service on technical understanding of legislation, partnership with legal employment experts and by offering a wide range of compliant contractor based services. NumberMill focuses on maintaining margin, whilst minimising cost in the contractor supply chain, maximising our clients’ margins and providing efficient, happy service to contractors.

NumberMill have specially-developed contracts to PROTECT the agency, contractor and end hirer from HMRC related risk, including risk relating to IR35. NumberMill are the HMRC “fee payer” and as such take on all liability. We can do this as we have the technical expertise and infrastructure to deliver a fully compliant service. Advantages include;

  • contractually remove liability from contractor, agency and end hirer
  • one consolidated invoice
  • immediate contractor payments
  • IR35 and digital tool guidance
  • NumberMill handle all intermediary reporting
  • Worker pay maintained, Charge rates and margin unaffected
  • Insurance cover
  • Taxes dealt with compliantly and tax efficiently

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