The offering includes:
  • Business Advisory and NED support
  • Interim Finance Director
  • Business Planning, budgets & forecasting
  • Business Restructuring
  • Financial expertise, treasury, control, bank covenants, funding
  • Margin Management & Pricing
  • Tender/Bid support
  • Compliant reviews of Approved Supplier Lists
  • Our unique OAT Optimizing Analysis Tool – to analyze your contractor workforce. This analysis will allow us to optimize compliantly, your commercial returns for yourselves, your clients and your workforce

Number Mill's team have specifically been selected for their experience in the freelance contractor and recruitment market. They are qualified accountants who have extensive experience of HMRC and Recruitment Agency related legislation. They have held Board level positions in recruitment and umbrella businesses and so truly understand the requirements of Owners, CEOs, and CFOs in the sector.

The offering also includes:

  • Technical legislative guidance – we have a large number of relationships with Accountants and Legal advisers who specialize in the sector, allowing us to keep up to date and be a practical proactive support to your business
  • Operational implementation – we can support you in establishing practical operational systems and processes to ensure compliance
  • Conducting audits
  • In-house travel & subsistence set up
  • In-house dispensation management
  • White labelling

Compliance Review – what is typically included?

3 day compliance review of the payment of agency workers,  either through a number of intermediaries (commonly known as umbrellas) or direct business to business personal service companies. As the legislative risks around the supply of temporary workers is complex, particularly in the light of Section 44 of the Finance Act 2014 onshore intermediaries, NumberMill will review, specifically with regard to compliance.  The review typically includes:

  • Legislative back drop
  • Clarity with regard to the payment process
  • Identification of risks and control gaps
  • Recommendations to minimize the risks – practical and operational
  • Identification of any further commercial opportunity, if any exists
  • Overall opinion based on industry knowledge and expertise

Both the supply of temporary workers via Ltd Company contractors (Commonly referred to as Personal Service Companies) and “Umbrella” are considered in the review

The following specific risk areas are considered;

Integrity of operative/supplier contract
Risk of implied contract with supplier’s client
Employment status
Working Time Regulations

  • Holiday pay
  • Any rolled up provisions

Agency Workers Regulations

  • Scope of application
  • PBA (“Swedish derogation”)

National Minimum Wage
Unlawful deduction from wages in relation to supplier’s margin
Unlawful deduction in relation to any other deductions, e.g.

  • Insurance costs
  • Deduction on account of tax



Specific areas of risk:
Managed Service Companies and Transfer of Debt legislation
Expenses legislation

  • Overarching nature of employment contract
  • Procedural claims compliances

VAT on supplier’s margin
Employment status
Agency legislation (Section 44 ITEPA/Cat Regs)
Construction Industry Scheme