Umbrella is a tax efficient way of collecting your pay. NumberMill becomes your employer and you are employed under an over-arching contract of employment.

This contract allows you to benefit by enabling you to claim expenses that you incur (wholly and exclusively in the performance of your business duties). read more..

As a contractor you can gain significant financial benefits and flexibility by setting up your own limited company. read more…

If you are in business but don’t want the responsibilities and additional cost & administrative burden of being a Director of a Limited Company, or maybe, your business is just starting out and is not of a size where Limited Company status is of benefit; then you may wish to establish your status with HMRC as a sole trader. Please be aware that if you are working via a recruitment agency that you meet the Finance Act 2014 section 44 tests for self employment. read more…


If you work as a self employed contractor in the Construction Industry it is likely that your clients will require you to work via HMRC’s Construction Industry Scheme. read more…

NumberMill International, if you’re contracting in Europe and are unsure what to do our international service is designed to remove the risk and worry from you when completing work overseas read more…

Your Agency’s Payment Partner

NumberMill has joined forces with your agency to ensure you are paid compliantly. Our PAYE Umbrella company is designed to allow all agency temporary workers to optimise their income compliantly.
Benefits to you

  • Fast and efficient set-up
  • Full employment status – with staff handbook
  • HMRC Benchmark scale rates for certain expenses
  • £5,000,000 public liability insurance
  • £1,000,000 professional indemnity insurance
  • £10,000,000 employers’ liability insurance
  • NumberMill margin only taken when working
  • Text message updates
  • Taxes deducted at source
  • Online portals

Travel Expenses

  • Motor Cars & Vans – 45p per mile (First 10,000 miles in a tax year) 25p for the remainder
  • Motorbike – 24p per mile
  • Bicycle – 20p per mile
  • Train/Taxi/Bus – receipted

Other expenses

  • Overnight Accommodation
  • Tools & Safety wear
  • Telephone – Business related
  • Training & Subscriptions