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That’s the clearest umbrella explanation I have ever had, you guys really know your stuff

Graham Cornish Contracting at DHL Sainsbury 4th August 2014

Umbrella is a tax efficient way of collecting your pay. NumberMill becomes your employer and you are employed under an over-arching contract of employment.

This contract allows you to benefit by enabling you to claim expenses that you incur (wholly and exclusively in the performance of your business duties). This means that you gain tax relief on these expenses, increasing your take home pay. In addition to this you also still benefit from all the traditional employment rights associated with being an agency contractor, in the knowledge that all your tax affairs are dealt with in the usual PAYE method.

“Your agency” will process your client approved time sheets and send us the gross value each week. We will then process your expense claims made through our portal and calculate the related tax and National Insurance contributions, sending them live via RTI (Real Time Information) to HMRC. Your agency will send us the funds and we will ensure that you get paid on time every week.

Benefits include: 

  • Full employment status
  • Your take home pay is optimised compliantly
  • Smooth & efficient easy set up (including Faster Payments) as your agency & NumberMill have partnered together – meaning that we only ask for ID and contracts once
  • Specially negotiated rates, price matching where necessary
  • State of the art technology making it easy to submit expenses and see payslips via our portal

By recommending a friend to us…

They can work for your agency or any other agency, and they need to be new to us. If they are using another umbrella company, we will match their current margin and give them the first week free.

All you need to do is call or e-mail us with your friend’s name and contact details and as soon as they have been paid by us three times, we will send you a £25 voucher to spend on anything you like (from beer to days out with family) AND we will process your pay for free for a week.

Have you moved agency?

Let us know their details, if we are added to their approved list we will send you a £25 voucher and when we start processing your pay again your first week will be free.