Calling all contractors working in the Public sector – Giving you the best chance of preserving your IR35 Ltd Co status

Legal Backdrop

From April 2017, due to HMRC changes, your agency and end hirer may no longer be able to continue to pay you without deducting tax at source, despite the fact that you do not have employment rights. As this may be unfair, your agency has partnered with NumberMill, ACCA and IR35 specialist in order to give you “the best chance” of preserving your status and maximising your take home pay.

What will NumberMill Protect do for you?

  • NumberMill will assess your IR35 status;
    – Online working practice assessment
    – Confirmation Statement
    – Agency and end hirer information review
  • Make payments from your agency to you in one of the following ways;

– If you pass the IR35 assessment
Gross Payment – Gross to your PSC (Personal Service Company), via Self Billing

– If you fail the IR35 assessment you can choose from a choice of payment methods;

1) Contract For Service – We will deduct tax at source, maintaining self-employed status
2) Umbrella – We will deduct tax at source, but you will be an employee of NumberMill

some contractors prefer to maintain self employed status, to avoid admittance of previous non compliance *

Advantages of NumberMill Protect

  • ACCA and IR35 specialist will give you the best chance of preserving your status and maximum take home pay
  • Specially developed IR35 contracts
  • Assistance with appeal process – a letter will be sent to the Public Sector if we disagree with their IR35 decision
  • Choice of fast and efficient payment methods
    – PSC Insurance included
    – You can stay with your current accountant, or switch to us and gain a discount


All payment processing
services range between
£5 and £25 a week

If you choose to move accountant to NumberMill Accounting, your processing charge will be reduced by 50% NumberMill Accounting annual charge is spread across 12 equal payments of £95 plus Vat a month