Are you aware of the new changes to ‘Right to Work’ checks?

A SMALL Birth Certificate is now allowed!

  • You must still have the proof of NI document to back it up, however the short (non full) birth certificate is now acceptable!

NEW ONLINE CHECK! – There is now a new online checking service which supports checks for people who hold;

  • A Biometric residence permit
  • A Biometric residence card
  • Status issued under the EU Settlement scheme (EU Citizens can apply to the Settlement Scheme to continue living in the UK after 30th June 2021)

This new service will allow YOU to check the details of an applicants right to work in the UK including:

  • The type of work they are allowed to do
  • How long they can work in the UK for if there is a time limit
  • YOU WILL NEED – their Date of Birth AND their “Right to work share code”

This is the link for Workers:

This is the link for Employers:

Please note:

A worker has to complete their process first and will be given a “Share Code” which they then give to you.
You cannot check their rights without this code. A code only lasts 30 days. 

Rest assured that FCSA Accredited NumberMill will ensure contractors right to work is properly undertaken!

For more information or to be kept up to date on information such as this and other relevant employment rights changes then please get in contact with us.

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