About NumberMill

We truly have the qualifications, systems, skills and expertise, to offer you efficient, value for money and compliant back office services.
Our experts can offer you the best, commercial, honest and transparent advice in a constantly changing legislative market. In this respect, we are leaps ahead of a high street accountant who are unlikely to have industry knowledge.
Unlike high street accountants we are specialists and can provide the best commercial, honest and transparent advice to keep your business compliant and efficient in a constantly changing legislative market.
We are finance and business consultants first specialising in high volume workforce management, recruitment and outsource sectors. If you let us in, we will support your business as it grows and if you intend to sell it one day, we can maximise its value, through our due diligence services on an on-going basis.


Our History

NumberMill was set up, specifically to meet the requirements of volume worker engagers and recruitment business’s supporting them with regard to financial, strategic and compliance matters.
This is a specialist area, that requires professionals who understand the commercial and compliance-related challenges of this fast-moving sector of workforce management.
Everyone in our business has been specifically selected as they are professional specialists with experience in recruitment and accountancy services.
Our CEO has held board level positions in a number of International, National and SME recruitment businesses. These insights make our service truly unique.


Our Values

Qualified experts equals peace of mind – Consultants First!
The world of recruitment can be challenging, with constantly changing employment, agency and HMRC related legislation. You need to be assured that your advisers are suitably qualified, and specialists in the sector.
Our business is run by specialists who have on average, seven years of professional training each, and unusually have been both supplier and buyers of professional services in the recruitment sector, so they truly understand your recruitment business challenges.

Compliance Assured

  • Real Chartered Certified practicing accountants (ACCA)
  • IR35 specialists both Public and Private Sector
  • Employment & Payroll specialists
  • Management team combined experience of more than 35 years in the recruitment and outsourcing sectors
  • Unique multi-relationships with both leading accountants and legal advisers
  • Specifically developed and independently reviewed compliant contracts & documentation
  • Our compliance Consultancy – allows our specialists to stand side by side with you, in front of your clients, helping to reassure them, and differentiating you from your competitors.
  • FCSA Accredited – the only accreditation that is independently reviewed and the results shared with HMRC. www.fcsa.org.uk

“Thank you very much for my furlough payment, not to mention all the work that has gone into getting it for me!”
“Thank you for all you’ve done regarding the Furlough payments! You guys are worth the weight in gold. Best payroll company ever!”
Lisa Brady
Company Director
“We have been working with NumberMill since summer 2017 when we transferred 120 contractors on to their umbrella. We chose them as a partner as we found them to be focussed on compliance and they passed our due diligence tests. Due to circumstances, the transfer required was very quick, indeed over just one week and went extremely smoothly.”
Steven Kirkpatrick
Chief Executive Officer
“Since dispensing with the services of my initial accountants services, who kept me in the dark and never taught me anything, making me think that accountancy was a ‘closed shop and that everything was a big secret, only to be known by accountants ‘, much like Lawyers and Barristers etc, I turned to NumberMill who I heard of purely through the agency who dealt with them. As far as managing my business was concerned, it was the best thing I did. They have always provided me with a top-notch service and spoke in my language and educated me and I learnt a lot from them, information and advice which I would never have got from my the first accountant.”
Gary Moore
GLM Logistics (Lincs) Ltd
“We have worked with NumberMill’s umbrella division, since April 2016 when the legislation changed and we were keen to ensure compliance. We have circa 60 contractors with them which were transferred in one go. We found the transfer be well planned, constructed and swift, despite our workforce being not always the easiest to deal with, the transfer was smooth.
NumberMill at all stages are transparent with us and knowledgeable about legislation and where we have any contractor complaints NumberMill are always able to share with us the recorded phone calls which is very helpful in identifying any misunderstandings.”
Richard Gilbey
Company Director / Classroom Ltd
“NumberMill analysed my contractor base and made me aware that I was missing a huge commercial opportunity, since the volume transfer we have never looked back and my business has a huge commercial advantage in a market where margins are really right.”
Chris Bryant
Managing Director, Milestone Operations
“As a start-up, NumberMill are truly holding my hand, as my business grows. Their technical knowledge of the market and finance management gives me real peace of mind.”
Joe Johal
CEO and Founder, Positive Mental Health Recruitment
“Thanks for processing my first payment, it was remarkably quick and easy.”
Idowu Adewunmi
Contracting for Milestone Operations
“That’s the clearest umbrella explanation I have ever had, you guys really know your stuff.”
Graham Cornish
Contracting at DHL Sainsbury
“If only, all payroll providers were so honest and transparent as NumberMill, my payslips are really clear and easy to understand.”
Daniel Jones
IT Contractor