For recruiters, there are several accounting services required for healthy business growth which benefit from specialist support. The pace of recruitment far outstrips that of many other sectors and the regulatory framework is more nuanced and complex than general high street accountants are prepared for.
This combined with the specific cash flow challenges, particularly for temp and contract agencies, is why NumberMill specialise in this sector.
Having accessible accountants in your corner who understand how your sector works and can get straight to work streamlining your financial processes and maximising shareholder value has been a game changer for recruitment businesses transferring their accounting services to NumberMill.

Such relevant services include but not limited to:
1.  Bookkeeping: This involves maintaining a business’s financial records, including invoicing, tracking expenses, and reconciling bank statements.
2.  Taxation: This involves preparing and filing tax returns, advising on tax planning, and dealing with tax enquiries and disputes.
3.  Financial reporting: This involves preparing financial statements, such as balance sheets, profit & loss, and cash flow statements, to provide a snapshot of a business’s financial health.
4.  Payroll: This involves managing a company’s employee payroll, including calculating and processing salaries, tax, and other deductions.
5.  Management accounting: This involves providing management with the crucial information they need to make informed business decisions, such as budgeting, cost analysis, and performance evaluation on a regular basis i.e. monthly or quarterly.
6.  Financing: This involves advising on financial matters related to business transactions, such as acquisitions, disposals and raising finance.
As part of your onboarding process with NumberMill, our accounting team will discuss what issues keep you awake at night and build a service package around what matters to you.

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