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NumberMill will give you the best chance to retain your PSC status.

In order to do this we will have to carefully assess if we are able to pay you gross in to your
Limited company by way of an IR35 review which carries a small fee of £125 + VAT.

If you are not deemed as ‘outside the scope of the IR35’ by our review we will still be able to pay you,
but we will have to deduct PAYE and National Insurance at source and pay you through our Umbrella.

Contractor (assess yourself)

Please click on the button below to complete our online assessment to determine your IR35 status.

£125 + VAT

Payments can be made via paypal or over the phone

More info:
– The test should take around 10-15 minutes.
– You will be required to pay online before submitting
– Once submitted your information will be checked by one of our IPSE qualified experts to determine your outcome
– They will get in contact within 2 working days to discuss your outcome and ask any additional questions
– You will then receive a detailed report which will determine your IR35 status. Please note all questions need to be answered truthfully to the best of your knowledge to give us a true understanding
Other Options

NumberMill offer:
Accountancy Services from £95 + VAT

Umbrella PAYE
Retained Margin from £17.50 per week.
Price match available

Should you wish to discuss your options please call 0333 121 2001 or click above button for a call back.

Significant financial impact to all parties

The financial benefits achieved through working via a PSC can be significant.

This is primarily derived through the application of dividend income, which has a lower tax rate, as opposed to salaried income at the higher tax payer rates.

PSC’s benefit the supply chain as employment on costs are eliminated and they benefit the contractor in that they can take their income tax-efficiently.

Unfortunately, these benefits can motivate the supply chain, end hirer, agency and the contractor to potentially apply the use of PSC inappropriately.

However, should the contractor be deemed inside the scope of IR35 incorrectly, this can affect their net take home in the region of 13-14% per week.

HMRC have indicated that they are aware of this inappropriate use of PSC’s and, as such, disguised remuneration.

There is a greater focus by HMRC on their legitimate use and HMRC have introduced a TAAR (Targeted Anti Avoidance Rule Task Force) indicating that it will be aimed at the mass incorporation of personal service companies”.

Under new off-payroll working rules:

End clients are responsible for determining the employment status of their contractors under the IR35 rules.
The fee-payer is responsible for deducting the relevant Tax and National Insurance contributions at source. Depending on the contractual chain, this would usually fall to either the client or recruitment agency.


HMRC has specifically stated that they “will not carry out targeted campaigns into previous years when individuals start paying employment taxes under IR35 for the first time”.
We did however hear of a few isolated cases in the Public Sector, and in light of the recent GSK compliance activity* we would advise caution and ensure you have evidence of your due diligence in ascertaining your status prior to April 2021.