How much is your business worth? There are many factors that have an impact on how a company is valued and how successful it is in the market when ready to sell.

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In this webinar NumberMill Consultants’ CEO, Louise Rayner, discusses how a recruitment company might stimulate growth and ultimately be prepared to sell. This will include how a company might be valued as well as compliance and due diligence required.

Using real case study examples, Louise outlines:

  • How a recruitment company is valued; specifically delving into the theoretical models of enterprise values, APV and multiples
  • How to demonstrate value; examining the importance of financial records, KPI trends and forecasting
  • How to carry out a complete due diligence checklist; discussing the importance of how to prepare for due diligence, using best practice business methods
  • Due diligence and end to end selling process; outlining a typical sale process, the process of preparing the Information Memorandum, the Heads of Terms and negotiation of the Share Purchase Agreement
  • The key pitfalls/risks and how to avoid them
  • How to maximise shareholder value

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