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What is Umbrella?

• NumberMill becomes your employer providing you with full statutory employment rights.
• Being paid through Umbrella is an optimal way as it is efficient, flexible and often your agency will have given you an enhanced rate as well as ensuring that you are paid knowing all tax and NI payments have been made without any additional administration of having a limited company.
• Umbrella gives you the ability to work on multiple assignments with different agencies and still retain your employment and one single tax code.
• Your agency will process your client approved timesheets and send us the gross value each week.


Advantages to you

• Full employment status
• Strict expense guidance to ensure you can
claim only
legitimate expenses
• State of the art online portal for payslips,
messages and
legitimate business expenses
• NumberMill are real accountants– FCSA, IPSE
• One employer and one tax code
• Text message updates
• All relevant insurances are covered


What to do now

Call NumberMill on 0333 121 2001 for
information and to register
• NumberMill will explain everything and
we will provide
you with a financial illustration
• NumberMill will provide guidance on
expenses and if they
are applicable dependent
on the
current strict HMRC rules
• NumberMill will send you an electronic
contract for you to sign

• Login to our online expense portal, the
link will be emailed
to you when your
signed contract
is received.


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With NumberMill,  there are no lock in or sign up fee’s.

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    Please tick one of the following P46 options:

    A - This is my first job since last 6 April and I have not been receiving taxable Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, taxable Incapacity Benefit, State or Occupational Pension.B - This is now my only job but since last 6 April I have had another job, or received taxable Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance or taxable Incapacity Benefit. I do not receive a State or Occupational Pension.C - As well as my new job, I have another job or receive a State or Occupational Pension.

    Student Loan - Choose Yes or No below:

    Do you have a Student Loan which is not fully repaid and all of the following apply:

    You left a course of UK higher education before last 6 April.
    You received your first student Loan instalment on or after1 September 1998.


    Do you have a P45 from your previous employer?

    Choose Yes or No below:

    (If Yes, please post original pages 2 and 3 of the P45 to us)


    I declare the information provided is truthful to the best of my knowledge.
    You accept that NumberMill will handle your data in accordance with GDPR legislation.

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    See the table below for an example of what your take home pay could be based on different rates and services we offer.

    Take Home Illustrations - Day Rates

    Interested in knowing how Umbrella works and could benefit you, click the book below to view:-

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